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Serving the best pizza in the capital

House of Pizza is a family owned and operated restaurant. We have been previously serving Westboro and the community for 30 years at our old location just down the road. Located at 160 Richmond Road, near the intersection of Richmond and Kirkwood, our new place is modern, welcoming, and much bigger. We now offer dine-in service, both inside the restaurant and on the patio, in addition to our long and trusted reputation in takeout and delivery.

We take pride in what we do – every meal is prepared from fresh and real ingredients, made to your liking. Our chefs prepare the dough and sauces daily. The fundamental pieces that make up our famous pizza and many other items on the menus are all made in-house, on the spot. We look forward to the continuation of our long-standing and trusted service to the community.

A Few Words About Us

The owners Gabriel and Nadine are the main chefs operating the restaurant. We immigrated to Canada from Lebanon in 1990. We have been working in the restaurant business since then. We prepare the food with the same care and detail as if preparing it for our kids – with love and respect. Our children have joined in over the years and become fundamental to the restaurant. Our two sons, Sebastien and Sylvan, manage our ovens, our phones, our online system, and our point of sale. They also work as servers and delivery frequently. Together, we are all trained according to regulations, and we thoroughly uphold the policies and requirements while working as a good team to manage our restaurant. We have additional staff, such as servers, delivery drivers, dishwashers and cooks. When you work with us at House of Pizza, we are all one family.

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Our Food Policy

Any staff working in the kitchen must hold the food handling certificate, to ensure a complete and thorough understanding and respect to the health and safety regarding all foods we offer.

Our Core Values

Fresh ingredients, A1 products, great service, happy customers

Our Chefs

Meet The Taste Experts

Gabriel Khater

Owner / Chef

Nadine Khater

Lead Chef